You never were “enough” or “good” for your parent(s)

big mature one year tan is OK when parents say you’re old enough to clean your room when the children go 25 in the world what is acceptable to people especially in the West that culture don’t expect much from you. 

You get into college and try to find yourself in this big world. The situation changes drastically when you 25 with children now now everything is different. You have decided to take responsibility to bring a child into this world and you have to be mature to make this decision. All parents make mistakes but immature parents make them twice as much. 

They emotionally challenge their children to be unprepared in front of this world. The children of this kind of parent know what it means when mom or dad is the center of the universe when everything what happens in life is concentrated on the parent what doesn’t mean being mature is not just a behavior but more than emotional inability to cope with the circumstances in life. According to psychotherapist Dr. Allinson Gibson There are four different types of immature parents best parents one not involved into a child’s life.

 They don’t want to be bothered by problems fears hopes and desires of their children. They won’t show up on the soccer game or help the child with their homework. If there was an abuse by one of the parent the passive parent won’t be involved in this situation again just to driven parents they never stop

. There are there is a goal and no obstacles. It’s important to achieve the goal by all means perfect is the word used by different parents. Everything should be perfect. The child is under control all the time. You are such a perfect person and like a queen you don’t need any. You want to see Wayne Newton before he dies. I do love when before dies for God’s sake. 

I don’t know what emotional parents their motion will be. Maybe it’s more like a pendulum too much involved in a child’s business or not involved at all. They can be very encouraging and be a monster about the second. The child never knows what to expect or reaction or even a small mistake. Really good writing. How did it go. It didn’t. Probably something with the robot. 

Do you want to talk about it now. Or is your day. My father called. He’s doing better. He William played golf yesterday. Well he made a show of paying for it. What did I just say Stevie. You don’t listen don’t do something. So what you going to reject and parents. I detach from a chair. Let’s say the child is an obstacle on the way of their lives goals. They didn’t want a child. Well they realize that off the hewers she was more sorry that I got pregnant with you when I was a teenager. And please don’t take this the wrong way. It ruined my life. Birds are not angels.

 Not your parents or you as a parent. People can be tired and angry you can scream without a reason as you think. But most of the time there is a reason parents just don’t want to share it with their children. 

Sometimes people are so tight that all they want is to be away from their beloved children just for couple hours days to devote time to themselves only and after they took him back to the family happy and relaxed. But if a child feels that his or her parent is away emotionally too much emotionally involved to the childlike probably the child has a toxic bad.

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