This mistake is very painful for children.

This is another common mistake you noticed in parents and unfortunately, this is a mistake that influences that children become demanding, capricious, or simply disregarded. I have always told parents that in addition to their obvious responsibilities of parenting, such as giving roof, food, study, and love, also have a super important role and that is to be trainers you are training a child to go out into the real world, fully prepared and equipped much of the training consists of allowing them to live and experience all kinds of circumstances and experiences that life brings them by allowing your child to experience those circumstances. He will begin to develop the skills he needs for life.

Skills such as conflict resolution, learning to become frustrated, negotiating, forgiving, or apologize, among many other skills we need to develop for life. So, if you solve everything for your child, he won’t have the training he needs and will go out to real-life very little equipped to deal with the situations that life brings. What do I mean by hitting, hitting, or hitting it all? I mean buying him all his whims or giving him everything he wants by giving him. I mean carrying out his responsibilities as well as his responsibilities at home or at school. And by solving him I mean solving his problems or going out and putting your face on the line for him they may live in bitterness because people in the real world do not fulfill all their whims you may clash in your relationships when you are not given the reason.

You will not know how to negotiate or come to agreements when there are conflicts since you never developed this skill and he will surely suffer in addition before the adversities because as a child he never had to live it. You realize how harmful it is to give, to solve, or to do everything to your child. If you notice any of these overprotective attitudes in you, what is important is that you start making a plan of action and have a reflection on each situation that your child lives in so that you can analyze what of that he can solve and what of that if he needs your support and your accompaniment. Ideally, you should allow your child to solve everything he can solve on his own so that he can start to develop these skills that we want so much for him in life.

punishment or escalating situations every time your child the most important thing is a respectful correction, teaching her what she did wrong and how she should behave when you overreact to correction, yelling or being violent, you are missing out on the opportunity to truly correct your child, you are diverting his attention and he will no longer pay attention to your mistake or what you should not do, and your attention will be only on how unjust and cruel when you overreact to punishment or make situations bigger, you’re not getting your child to learn what was your mistake and what you should do next time to behave in the right way?

is not to apologize when you make a mistake. It is completely normal for a mom or dad to make mistakes. Sometimes we are disrespectful or sometimes we go off the rails. When a child makes a mistake, the first thing his parents expect is for the child to apologize and make amendsWhat I always wonder is why parents don’t do the same? So every time you make a mistake, it is your child’s right to receive a sincere apology many mothers and fathers come to my practice filled with guilt or with the intention that I teach them about paternity or maternity so as not to make those mistakes again. I would believe that this is unnecessary and even impossible.

You’re going to make mistakes, you’re going to make a mistake. The important thing here is that you accept them, is that you apologize to your children and if necessary, make amends when you apologize to your child, not only are you giving him or her the treatment he or she deserves, but you are teaching by example, which is the best way to teach a child. You are laying a foundation of humility in the relationship, where all parties have the right to be human beings and all parties have the right to be wrong. Everyone can learn from their mistakes and no party will be judged too harshly. Every time you make a mistake, think of the peace of mind that comes from not having to pretend to be perfect and when both your mistakes and your apologies are accepted. I hope that from now on you will be aware of apologizing every time you make a mistake. You will realize how much this will strengthen your relationship with your children.

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