The idea of thinking outside the box

So I’d like to go back to that conversation we started about the phrase thinking out of the box. No one’s really sure who first created this first. But management consultant John Adare claims to have popularized it starting in 1969, and it was in reference to this famous nine-dot puzzle.

The goal of the puzzle is to connect all the dots by drawing four straight lines that pass through each of the dots while never lifting the pencil up from the people. So here’s a failed you can’t curve the lines and you can’t pick up your pencil. So the only way to solve the problem is to literally think outside the box.

Most people find it hard to envision this idea because the limits of the box imply a limit to the puzzle. And yet the rules did not say that. So this box is really just a box. It’s not a boundary. But we see it as. So the idea, of course, is that attacking real-world problems, we have some kind of similar perception that boxers have defined our thinking and they’re impenetrable, then we have to think outside of them in order to create the new solution.

See, this idea of thinking out of the box has some merit when you’re talking about a company or a group of people who have a regular way of thinking. Or even a Mandic, but we’re talking about ourselves in our own mind, thinking outside the box, first of all, it’s impossible. We’ve just talked about how human beings are possibly more talented and judging than they are creative.

And we’re so good at judging that, you know, we can’t help it really try not to try. Think about it. Have you ever tried to think out of the box? Think back to some time when someone actually told you to do that. How did it go? I’ve asked dozens and dozens and dozens of people me. And I have yet to find anybody says, oh, yeah, I was able to think of a box of.

It doesn’t work because there is no out of the box thinking there are two serious problems. First is one I already mentioned to you as an onion to run to better deal with in their fantastic book. It’s called Thinking It’s a New Boxes, but thinking out of the box gives you an infinite world to think into. But this means there are no guidelines, there’s no guidance as to what you should. Nothing to work with.

It’s impractical, the experience most people have turned to go to the box and just discussed its empty brain silence constraints are great for creativity. And secondly, as I’ve said, you and I as humans are not designed to go to boxes. We’re no good
We have no talent for whatsoever. What we’re really good at is thinking of the boxes. Look, it’s the same for all animals, and, you know, we are much more complex. Take, for example, an African Thorkild get. And if I can tell, Geko only has a few boxes too. Is this good? Is this safe or not? Will it kill me? They don’t really change this, unlike my dog, Bongbong geckos don’t really add anything to their diet. Now, if you look at Borbon, see she has more boxes, right? So when a gecko sees a water buffalo, they don’t usually eat, that’s enough.

When Bonbon saw the carrot, she thought about it, she decided to try it in her goody box. So she has a whole bunch of boxes, right. She has to be loyal to this show to follow this show market. This. I mean, not you know, but she has a lot of boxes. The challenge that we have as humans, our problem is we have a lot of boxes. If you start dealing with the number of judgments you’re making every minute, you’ll notice so many of them happen to have like Michael’s voice or not do not like his accent, is his race, is his gender.

Is any of this, you know, upset me. Do I think it’s wrong to write just the last thing you said to somebody before you watch this video make you look smart or stupid if you’re sitting there right now with your eyes closed, what kind of

judgments are you making about things that already happened or might happen soon? Oh, there’s nothing wrong with this. It’s absolutely natural to think the boxes, that’s what people do with box machines. And it’s a good thing we are, because if we didn’t do that, we wouldn’t know what to do

Imagine if every time something happened, we had to decide what to do. We end up sitting around like a vegetable. And that’s why 95 percent of what we do is automated. So we were told to think outside the box, where where do we go? There’s no roadmap.

There’s no God. It’s like trying to drive through Africa with no G.P.S. ideas we might get will run away. You don’t put them in a box. And Canada. You know, so many things about, you know, your culture, your beliefs, you know the level of risk and ambiguity, you’re comfortable, you know, what kind of people you’d like to be around, what kind of people threaten you, you know, what kind of business sounds like good business to do with how the business is dangerous?

You know, what gets people to buy your product that drives them away, you know, motivates you and motivates you. You know what motivates and motivates other people, you know? You know, it gives you courage, will give other people courage, you know, the moral of hundreds and hundreds of personal stories.

But the point is, creativity requires. Curiosity and uncertainty. The point is. In order to think more creatively, you have to be willing to shift and change the boxes you. Not thinking outside the into that. What else can you add to an old? How can you change the size or shape of a musician?

How can you take the boxes that you already have and buying them a new way? Creativity happens in a dialogue between the conscious and the unconscious. You speak much more about this. Well, I guess the point is that most of us have actually destroyed our trust, our unconscious into submission, put it into a prison, or actually insulted and beaten and abused.

Our subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between physical experience and mental experience. So we’re adding new things to old boxes. It’s already shifting its own perceptions of who you are. It’s time now to start to look at the context of the boxes we’ve created and how we designed this landscape of boxes largely to control our subconscious and not let us see. Our personalities are the biggest problem we have in terms of being free.

If you want to be more creative instantly, the easiest way to do this is to stop believing all your stories about the minute you start to release yourself in the charity of your own mind, you get to become free to actually embrace as much water supply because it’s just automatic. We want to use that if you don’t believe it.

Have a look at these letters. Which of these letters doesn’t belong? Most people say deep because D is not a vowel, and yet the fact of something being a vowel or a consonant. This doesn’t necessarily apply to other languages. Is the first letter of our life that seems to have as good an argument as Dean for being different than the other letters. He is also the shape of a type of roof. That if you’re a builder, you might actually notice a difference.

I is the only one that’s completely straight. It’s the only one that refers to a person in English. That’s correct. Spelling because you also refer to a person. The only one that’s incorrectly spelled O is the only one that’s completely certain. O is the only one that begins the word, Oscar. And that is just as valid a reason that it doesn’t belong with the others as a concept. Point is, we could go through an infinite number of explanations. The right answer here is all of them.

All of them have an equally strong argument for not being like the others. And you’ll notice you’re always trying to immediately get the right answer. What has to be put in place is the context, the rules. Another way to become creative instantly, more than usual, is to start to look for the answer being all of that before you start honing in on one. I want to give you an example of how this applies in real life. And I’m going to use one that I use in my training a lot, the company because they started in the 1940s and in the 1950s, they started selling, distributing plastic, disposable, cheap pens. They didn’t invent this pen, but they became the biggest distributor of it.

They became famous for it. And over the course of the next 20 years, they expanded throughout the world to every corner of the globe. Everybody in the world knew that big was all about plastic, cheap, disposable things. And then finally they stopped expanding. Because they didn’t have any new markets to do it, so when looking at what to do, they didn’t think out of the box, they thought into the box.

They said, how could we expand the box inaudibly? And they took away the work. They kept the idea of being plastic disposable. They came up with two major products that fit that but weren’t cut razors and lighters.

They didn’t think out of the box at all. All they did was make the box a little. And they were able to stay aligned with the values and the image that they have. While expanding the market today, raiser’s letters, the hands are pretty much one third each picks overall, since the way you can apply this to yourself is to start to look at what kind of boxes you actually have and how.

Our conscious mind limits are created in this. Because our conscious mind is the one making judgments. It’s the one selecting, putting things in boxes, not subconscious, is very obedient as a child. So be gentle with yourself. Stop using.

I tried to think out of the box and instead be like the pick, think into new boxes, bigger boxes, take boxes apart, put boxes together in new ways. Remember, the most efficient, the most successful, and the most comfortable way to be really creative is to start to think into your boxes instead of trying to escape.

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