Creativity can be without the last step in its implementation

The main problem with the words creativity and innovation is that it doesn’t seem like two people can agree on what they both need, they confuse people.

The dictionary definitions are insufficient, ineffective, or incomplete, using either word with someone you don’t know is kind of like Gump’s box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get from them. Most people think creativity means dealing with art.

You know, drawing pictures, play innovation is about hardcore things, technology, business. But this creates serious real-world problems for people like myself who want people to understand what I mean when I say creativity or innovation. You know, I want to be able to read my 120 character pickup line on LinkedIn.

And if I say creativity, not think that I only work with art, and if I say innovation, not think I only work with science. So we just simplify this. Creativity and innovation are basically one thing. The only difference between creativity and innovation is very simple.

Innovation is creativity in action. Creativity is the generation of an idea. Innovation is the implementation of the idea. And yet we are already seeing that it doesn’t actually have to you. What do you mean by valuable? Let’s clarify that, because first of all, there’s another definition that I quite like from a guy named Sean McNiff, but it’s really complicated and this is it now.

But you’re never going to remember it. And I mean, think about all the things that contain originality, imagination, bringing existents into place an innate desire, making new connections, giving form and transforming. I mean, that pretty much describes our entire workshop in the next eight weeks, if you’re with us for each of those definitions, could be one whole training course itself.

And then at the end of it, he says we can only know creativity through experiencing it again. That’s actually quite beautiful, possibly very true. But how does that help us understand what it is to communicate? Ken Robinson says creativity is at the heart of being human, Mehi sent.

Mihai says creativity is art or product that changes a domain that will get to much later. Robert Francon says it’s a tendency to generate or recognize ideas that may be useful in solving problems. And on and on the definitions go. Oddly enough, Henry Miller, who was known as an iconoclast, he never followed the rules, actually defines it as the occurrence of a composition which is both new and valuable.

But trying to teach this idea that creativity means new, plus valuable is actually neither new nor valuable itself. In other words, Wikipedia’s definition of creativity is not very creative. What a piece of gum that I’ve started chewing is green because it’s new.

It’s definitely valuable, Neith breathlessly. Let’s look at some of the definitions of the word innovation. Here’s something that I like to. I can see they’re all very different.

All of them require all of them imply increasing value for the customer to focus on the future and focus on what’s delivered. When I talk about creativity, innovation, I’m talking about one big process that starts with identifying a problem and ends with solving it.

Technically, we could say the mental part of that process is called creativity and the physical solution is innovation, we could say that creativity is the emotion and innovation is the response to the emotion. Creativity can happen by accident. Innovation, not really.

Innovation requires intention, the creativity without the final step of implementing it might be wonderful, exciting, joyous, enriching, very human. Because they’re really important me. I mean, it’s possible to create without innovating, but do you really want to? On the other hand, you can innovate without being creative.

I mean, Steve Jobs was noted, as you know, one of the great innovators of our time never created any. Edison, as the leader of a large team, was more of an innovator than a creator all the time, these two ideas are codependent. They can exist independently, and yet they almost never do. When they do, they feel completely incomplete. Why did we end up with two different words for this thing?

The situation seems to beg for a new word that includes both of them. Why don’t we call it, for instance, in Nativity? See where creativity is an aptitude skill, innovation is an activity and activity is an attitude. It’s an attitude that I’m encouraging we all adopt. It includes both creativity and innovation.

It leaves out no elements. It generates a new possibility. And actually, it it causes a shift of mind and a shift in the real world. It causes evolution. Andromache. If the purpose of creativity is the idea, the purpose of innovation is progress, then the purpose of an activity is wunder. If you’re wondering what I mean by that, something will come back to you in a future conversation. Breathing is automatic. Creativity is like breathing. Walking is intentional.

Innovation is like walking, walking and breathing and chewing gum at the same time. That’s inactivity, see, innovation itself is not unusual. All of us do it all the time, but the ability to choose innovation freely and easily, you getting a life you choose it is, after all, without a single goal in mind that I have created this training in order to help you free your mind from itself.

You don’t have to become Thomas Edison or deliver a million dollar invention in order for innovations to transform your life completely. Everyone innovates something. The question is whether you’re willing to innovate you because that willingness that’s an activity. Here’s the definition of creativity. I like to use the ability to think different from yourself. To live unstuck, to free your mind from itself, being able to actually shift the way you think.

About the world and about yourself. Turns out it’s not a word I made up. There are a couple of other entities in the world that have used it. One of them, interestingly, is based in Johannesburg, the same place I’m recording this stuff. But I actually didn’t find it until after I was searching for the word that I thought I made, it just goes to show you nothing’s original.

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