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Hi! I’m Laura Garcia, Child and Family Coach; and I’m also the creator of ProHappiness Kids & Teens. As a coach, I have accompanied hundreds of parents to learn about Positive Discipline and Conscious Parenting. I also accompany them to approach and manage the different situations that their children may go through, -such as lack of motivation at school, low self-esteem, rebelliousness, separations in the family, etc.- so that they can come out of it stronger and learn from their mistakes.

As moms/dads, we want our children to be happy, to grow up as educated people, to respect rules and regulations, to love themselves, and to respect others. Likewise, in the long run, we want our children to be good citizens, leaders, good parents, family members, and, above all, to be happy.

I have always thought that it is unfortunate that no one teaches parents such work. They teach us math, history, languages, finances, etc., but they never teach us how to raise children, much less how to handle certain circumstances that we encounter with children and adolescents throughout our lives. During my coaching studies and the cases of families that I have worked with, I have seen some very common and repeated mistakes that parents make; that is why I decided to do this course in which I compile the 25 Most Frequent Errors that I have noticed in them. In this way, I can help many parents realize the mistakes they unintentionally make and thus contribute positively to this great work of parenting. After doing this course you will be part of my “Parent Coach” group. Those parents who make sure that their work of education is the best possible; and those who want to improve the world through their children. My mission is to help many parents achieve this.

My advice is to take your time. Look at every mistake calmly and see if you are making it in any way.

Enjoy it and here we go!

What you’ll learn
You will know the mistakes that parents often make
You will know, without any judgment, which of these mistakes you are making
By understanding the mistakes you made, you can take action to correct them
Not only will you understand the error, but why it hurts children
I will also give you tips on how to correct them
You will achieve a much kinder and more positive family life
By improving your mistakes, you will do a much better job as a parent
Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?
Be eager to learn and be a better mom/dad
Who this website is for:
Mothers and fathers with children from 3 to 18 years

Laura Garcia

Coach for Children, Youth, and Families

I am a Transformation Coach and a Child, Youth, and Family Coach. I believe that it is not a parent’s job to give their child the perfect world. Their job is to “train” them to be able to live, in a positive and autonomous way, in an increasingly imperfect world. This is where the concept of the “Parent Coach” comes from. Through my counseling and classes, I teach parents how to be the best coaches for their children. It is common to see parents taking their children to different behavioral therapies. But why not prevent and/or manage those issues themselves, to resort to the therapist only when it is completely necessary?

That is my philosophy: parents who are able to raise happy children with emotional intelligence, healthy self-esteem, tolerance to frustration, empathy, and compassion; capable of leadership, respect for limits, teamwork, problem-solving, and devising positive ways to embrace life.